Question 3: Who is the master of offence?

For me, the master of offence is…

Marvin from ‘The ‘Hitchhiker’s quide to the galaxy’. It is Douglas Adams’ book ( author of Doctor Who’s scenario to some seasons) , written basing on a broadcast on the same subject.

I can prove my choice. Here it is:

‎’ ‘That young girl,’ he added unexpectably, ‘is one of the least benightedly unintelligent organic life forms it has been my profound lack of pleasure not to be able to avoid meeting’.’

Beat him and I swear, I will surrender :).

Live long and prosper.

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Question 2: Have you watched ‘Moon’?

Moon movie – what are we dealing with?

Moon movie image

Is that another bizarre, commercial, mass-produced science fiction? Is there any possibility for a perceptive watcher to be satisfied with the story?

I do not want to give clear answers at the beginning, however I will try to help you decide yourselves and maybe even take a leap of faith to watch it.

Moon is the directorial debut on Duncan Jones, concerning power corporation goal and where human stands in it. It provides a psychological portrait of an aliened worker, Sam Bell (starring: Sam Rockwell).

Sam is an American astronaut stationed on the Moon. His three-year contract with a powerful fuel company is nearing the end. Bell is looking forward to return on Earth soon. Living such long time only having as his companion an ever being computer, Gerty (Kevin Spacey) and taking care of big ‘harvesters’, lunar mining machines solving humans fossil fuel shortages, completely fed him up. Imagine yourself alone for three years talking only with a base A.I system, voiced one-tone instructions, and you will understand Sam’s silent frustration.

Bell’s loneliness increases considerably during the last weeks of his lonely stint. You can feel the characters impatience to see his beloved wife and daughter. And suddenly he is confronted to meet his dead-ringer. Then movie action literally splits into ‘two’ and you are completely into it if it really speaks to you.

It’s a very promising debut for Jones. Smart story, unconventional look, packed in 1,5 hour, with eerie soundtrack of Clint Mansell (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan).

Rockwell also does well – mixes emotional scenes with warm attitude when it’s necessary. He just rises to the challenge and does a fresh serious acting.

'Alternative Universe' Paulina Okulska

Moon is not a movie that is going to become a super production for cinema-watchers because there is no shooting, beautiful girls or any such trivial, catching encouragement. However, people who like thought-provoking issues, can read metaphorical meaning of performances will appreciate and accept it entirely. In the era when science fiction started to be just a money-maker, we have met a stepping-stone.

To be honest, my experience with SciFi movies suggests that I should not define what they are truly about, and so I do not this time too. Everybody can find something for himself in Moon. That is why I only sketch lines to overview and hope you, dear readers, can make up your minds wheather watch it or no. Personally, I think this film is special and absolutely unfakable. Being an aesthete forces me also to mention the quality of artwork – it is remarkably high.

I have some pieces of music from Moon here. I am totally charmed with it.

\’We\’re not programs, Gerty. We\’re people.\’ Clint Mansell

\’We\’re going home\’ Clint Mansell

\’Memories\’ Clint Mansell

\’Two weeks and counting\’ Clint Mansell

 \’I\’m Sam Bell too\’ Clint Mansell

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Question 1: Does UFO exist?

Hell, yea!

Before you close this site, let me explain my fierce certainty. I know, I know you are puzzled but trust me.

Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you one of the most ‘exquisite’ UFOs we have pleasure to watch today. And no, it is not an android, or doomsday machine with an alien inside.


Built in 1972, UFO is an atraction of Bratislava. Every year tourists look at it, astonished. It does not matter Slovaks placed it on the list of the ugliest structures in their country ever. Saucer-shaped top and tentacle-like girders are just ‘out of space’.

Official name of the bridge is Novy Most (New Bridge) however because of specific building attached to it (precisely – a restaurant) everybody calls it UFO.  So when you say ‘We will meet in UFO’, you know the point.

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Hello World, how are you doing?

First of all I would like to mention today’s japaneese tragedy. I was going out this morning, when I have heard it. I cannot find words to describe how terribly I’ve been feeling.

We, here, share pain with you, my dear Asian friends.

Such a sad thing today. I hoped to start my blog with kind and cheerful words but now – I do not know how to post. The only think that I am sure while writing these words – this event is another proof of human’s powerlessness when it comes to the power of nature.

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